This month we’re doing something different in Messy Church. Instead of our bible story, we’ll be doing a Christmas Pageant at 6:10 upstairs in the church’s sanctuary. The actors are a mix of both Messy Church members and folks who attend regular church at Clawson. The pageant will be beautiful retelling of the Christmas story. Following the presentation we’ll come down to the Fellowship Hall for our dinner and crafts. You will have time to finish or start your basket craft. And there will be other crafts for you to do as well.
Perhaps you would like to finish your basket or make a craft as a gift to someone special. When you arrive you’ll go upstairs to the church instead of downstairs. It will be an exciting evening so please plan to attend and bring all your family and friends.
Since you all so enjoy the drama retelling of the bible story every month Murphy, YooJin and I realize we have many budding actors in Messy Church. So, our pageant is a beginning of The Messy Church Theater Company! I’ll be telling you lots more about this in the next couple of Messy Church meetings. We have a really fun musical planned for spring and if you like to sing, dance, or act there’s some great fun waiting for you. So, get your dance shoes polished up and start singing so you’ll be in ready to hit the stage!
Thank you all for attending Messy Church and making it such a great success. I so look forward to seeing you every month.   Love, Ben

Come Home to God's Welcome for All

Opening hearts, opening minds, opening doors

We are a community of Christians who are open to new possibilities for what God is calling us to do. We don’t have it “all together”, and we don’t have all the answers, but we are on adventure together. With God's help we are actively opening hearts, opening minds, and opening doors!

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday. We have found this church to be a caring group of Christians who want to grow in faith and serve together. Join us as we let God open our hearts to being authentic with others from a variety of life circumstances, open our minds to new possibilities, and open doors to new opportunities for community and making a difference.

Let Pastor YooJin

help grow your faith

Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have a faithful Shepherd. Please meet our congregations new Pastor, YooJin Kim. Come witness one of her energetic sermons this Sunday.

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