Please Note that Messy Church will be taking of the months of  July and August and resuming in September! We look forward to seeig you then!

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Messy Church

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The first question always asked is “what is a Messy Church” and why do you call it that? There are any number of honest answers but the one that matters is that Messy Church wants to help families find a spiritual home, a place where they can develop  an understanding and a relationship with God. With that understanding in place you can’t go far wrong, whatever you do.

Some reasons we started Messy Church at Clawson UMC-

  • The folks who live in our area who don’t belong to a church would like coming to a Messy Church.
  • We want to share the love of GOD in a way that’s as accessible as possible to all kinds of families. We define family as any two or more folks who feel a kinship with one another. It can be a “normal family” or a single mom or single dad, grandparents and grandchildren, neighbors, LGBT families.
  • We believe the many activities we do are a great way  for people of all ages to come closer to GOD by journeying together.
  • We want to share the Love of GOD more than we want to share our particular denominational traditions.
  • We want to model who  Jesus is to those around us.

How do we do that? First, we don’t meet on Sundays. Our Messy Church meets once a month on the third Wed. from 6 to 8 PM. We start with a simple meal and families get to meet other families and have conversations without  interruptions. We follow our meal with some music and then one of our staff tells an important Bible story. It’s not read from a Bible but told in the most dramatic way possible. Then we discuss a little about what the story is about. Then , the really cool part begins-we ask anyone from the group, adults and kids, to do an impro. skit on what they heard. They act out the story as they heard it and understand it. It’s remarkable how much meaning everyone gets from learning the Bible story this way.  Then we discuss how that story fits into our lives.  Following that, we make a real mess by doing a variety of crafts that relate to the story. We do everything from decorating cupcakes for people we love to making beautiful sun catchers to hang in our windows or in our gardens.  All activities from the meal to the crafts are based on the story of the evening.

 Messy Church is faith, food and fun for all those who attend. Messy Church can be exhilarating, eye-opening, moving, and a wonderful experience for a family to share together.

Come join us and share in the joys of Messy Church!